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If you’ve ever owned an RV, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with the misery that is the factory-installed mattress.

One of the first things most RV owners do after purchasing one is to replace it with a specially-made RV mattress.

Why customary?

Due to the fact that most RV bed mattresses are not standard king, full, or queen sizes.

Instead, they are produced in strange sizes and perhaps even with shoddy workmanship.

Due to these variations, purchasing a replacement is a bit more difficult than just going to your local mattress retailer and picking out a matching size.

Whatever the case, in this day and age of the internet, researching camping mattress sizes that match your vehicle and ordering a bespoke camper mattress are pretty simple processes.

A few websites make the procedure as simple as placing an order at a drive-through window.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of and consider before you go in.

On this page, we tackle that topic.

When Purchasing a Custom Mattress for an RV

Before making a purchase that may not meet your requirements, you should make a number of decisions.

RVs are vehicles, which is why they are referred to as recreational vehicles.

You won’t probably use yours very much unless you intend to live there permanently.

You shouldn’t buy any bespoke mattress; instead, consider how long you want to keep the rig, how often you use it, and who will use it.

Determine the necessary qualities that it must have first.

Keep reading to learn what you should know before making a purchase of custom mattresses for RV usage since there are many different styles and costs available.

The Full Guide To Personalized Camper And RV Mattresses

Before purchasing a new RV mattress, there are a lot of things you should ask yourself.

Going custom may or may not be necessary.

So let’s get started with the crucial factors to think about before you get a new RV custom mattress so that you don’t lose any time or money.

What Is A Custom Mattress?

A personalized mattress, therefore, is one that you may design in many ways.

While various websites may provide different options, you may often configure:

  1. Width
  2. Depth
  3. Length
  4. Materials used to make it
  5. Softness/firmness level
  6. Sometimes even cut shortcuts (if you need an odd-shaped bed)

Is A Custom Mattress Necessary?

Only if you are unable to locate a mattress on the market that meets your requirements do you need a bespoke mattress.

If you can’t locate a mattress that fits in the area allotted on your RV mattress platform, you will also require a bespoke mattress.

Last but not least, unless you’re ready to cut a foam mattress yourself to make it work, you need a customizable mattress if you need it cut or trimmed to match the shape of the platform.

There is no need to order a bespoke mattress if you can locate one that meets all of your requirements for size, comfort level, materials, and cut.

Custom-Cut Corners vs. Customizable Corners

Although it is not a conventionally sized bed that you might buy at a home furnishings shop, a bespoke mattress provides the precise measurements you want.

You will probably be able to choose the substance utilized (so that it might be softer or harder), as well as perhaps the thickness.

A short RV queen or RV king-size mattress is an example of a bespoke mattress.

Even some mattresses for camper bunk beds fall within this category.

In other words, as opposed to beds that need customized or precise measurements, these beds are stored and ready to ship.

Customizable mattresses allow you to choose the depth, size, and maybe other features as well, such as the kind of foam that will be utilized.

These beds are absolutely made-to-order as they are created according to your detailed requirements.

A cut-corner custom RV mattress is exactly what it sounds like.

It is a mattress that has been specially cut to the necessary angles, radius, or cutouts to meet the existing mattress or the platform.

These are also custom-made.

Custom Mattress Types

You may order practically any kind of mattress to be constructed, even if you have a recreational van.

Most of the time, you get to choose the materials.

Fortunately, since foam mattresses have become so common, innerspring mattresses are no longer the sole option.

Here is a brief comparison of several materials.

Almost all of them provide various degrees of stiffness.

And with the majority, you may receive premium stuff, sometimes for a surcharge.

#1. Foam Memory

Memory foam has advanced significantly.

For the top layer of any foam-based mattress these days, gel memory foam is preferred.

Compared to traditional memory foam, it provides a lot cooler sleep and doesn’t’mold’ you to the position as much.

I have a Tochta custom RV memory foam mattress (the Utopia).

I’ve never slept on a mattress like this one before!

#2. Latex

Natural latex is produced from the sap of rubber plants.

It might be a combination of synthetic and natural latex.

The price of synthetic mixes is lower.

Although practically ALL foam mattresses include some kind of polyurethane foam in one or more of the layers and consequently contain chemicals, natural latex is chemical-free.

#3. Foam

When “foam” or “high-density foam” are the only words specified in a mattress’ layers, they nearly invariably refer to polyurethane or polyurea-based foam.

#4. Hybrid

A mattress having innerspring and some foam is referred to as a hybrid mattress.

Most conventional mattresses on the market now are hybrids.

#5. Innerspring

You likely have a good deal of experience with innerspring mattresses.

They have existed for more than a century.

Despite their advancements, you could now choose foam mattresses.

Any bespoke mattress made to replace a camper bed would probably need to be made entirely of foam.

Where To Purchase A Personalized Mattress For An RV

So where do these mattresses that are “unicorn” big and manufactured originate from?

A personalized camper mattress may be purchased online from a few great vendors.

Do not be put off by internet ordering.

The majority of businesses provide a money-back guarantee (sleep trial) and delivery swiftly through FedEx or similar services.

In this manner, you are able to sample it and return it if you are not satisfied.

Be warned that shipping to Alaska or Hawaii often has an additional shipping fee.

These are five businesses that we like:

#1. Tochta

The gold standard for obtaining the ideal size and personalized feel for your specially constructed RV mattress is this one (they even have a dual-zone mattress!).

Using their custom RV mattress maker, you can complete all of the sizings and buy online (shown below).

Ordering couldn’t be simpler, and they also provide excellent customer service.

#2. Mattress Insider

Another elite business that provides specially manufactured RV mattresses is Mattress Insider.

They also offer a website that lets you construct a bed that is remarkably similar to this one (seen below), although certain cut kinds can only be ordered by phoning the business.

It’s simply one more little inconvenience where Tochta has them outclassed.

#3. Brooklyn Bedding: only available in house sizes

Customizations are available from Brooklyn Bedding, but ONLY for standard “house” mattress sizes.

You are welcome to place an order from them and specify the feel, dual sides, comfort layer, coil type, top fabric, and other details if your RV has space for a conventional queen or king bed.

#4. The Custom Mattress Company

You may choose the mattress’s height, breadth, and dimensions from this firm.

If necessary, you may even have the corner of your custom-made mattress for an RV trimmed.

Mattresses with hinges and other unusual shapes are also available.

#5. Foam By Mail

This firm provides a variety of foam varieties, as well as mattress sizes and depths that may be customized.

Additionally, they provide Dunlop latex and memory foam.

Mark Twice, Place One Order

This must be underlined again and again.

There is nothing worse than placing an order for a custom-sized RV mattress only to have it come in incorrectly AND be your fault!

For this reason, we advise measuring both the mattress and the platform of the RV bed.

Whether you have a travel trailer or a motorhome, you must be precise when measuring since the beds on these vehicles sometimes have a peculiar form and size.

The mattress and the surface it lies on should be measured for length, breadth, and depth.

Consider if you can buy a bespoke RV foam mattress that is thicker or whether you should keep it at the same depth.

What Sources Are There For Bedding For Custom Mattresses?

There are a few locations where you may obtain custom-made RV-fitted bedding.

One allows you to purchase bespoke sheet sizes, while others provide pre-sized sheets.

#1. Mattress Insider

Fitted sheets and more common sizes are available.

Additionally, they provide several mattress depth options.

Visit the sheets page at Mattress Insider.

#2. Tochta

The Tochta mattress firm also provides more standard-sized sheets with a depth option.

You may get almost any size of sheet thanks to their custom sheet builder function.

#3. Adaptive Bedding

You may choose the precise RV sheets dimensions you want here.

Additionally, you may purchase a bedspread and mattress pad in bespoke sizes.

#4. Factory of Custom Mattresses

Here is another option for you.

Your sheets’ length, breadth, height, and color are all customizable.

A custom-sized mattress may also be ordered, but not online.

You must call in its place.

Can A Memory Foam Mattress Be Cut?

A mattress made of memory foam can be cut, yes! Just a long, sharp knife will do.

(A sword might be useful here, haha! Not at all.)

It would be simple to convert those two or one full-sized foam mattresses into an RV bunk size, creating brand-new custom-cut beds!

Additionally, you may cut a mattress topper to place on top of your mattress, create the angle or notch required for a cut corner, or convert a queen into an RV queen.

There are many options!


When you need to replace the terrible mattress that came standard in your new RV, having the option to design your own custom foam mattress is invaluable.

We’ve included a few locations where you may get a high-quality bespoke RV mattress.

Don’t worry, they aren’t even that much more costly than standard-size RV beds.

Choose something that won’t make you dread spending the evenings in your recreational vehicle while on vacation, please!

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