How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In A Mattress?

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Anyone who did a quick Google search on bed bugs would be fleeing away from their sheets.

Even though we’re pretty sure this is the last thing you want to read, sometimes understanding how to remove bed bugs from a mattress is vital, particularly if you suspect you may have some in your home.

Even if you frequently wash your bedding and keep your room tidy, those small creatures could still manage to get inside.

Although we hope it hasn’t, if it has, we can be of assistance.

However, we advise getting in touch with qualified exterminators immediately away if you believe this to be a significant infestation or if you aren’t seeing any improvement.

Why Do Bed Bugs Exist?

The first step is learning how to spot bed bugs.

Bed bugs are oval-shaped insects with a brownish-red color that are about the size of an apple seed.

They can move rapidly but cannot fly, and they feed on human blood.

Females may produce hundreds of eggs throughout their lifetime, which makes it even more important to get rid of them right away.

What Spots Do Bed Bugs Hide In?

Bed bugs may congregate in the tiniest of areas since they are typically only about the diameter of a credit card.

They often hide in bunches on mattresses, within box springs, and inside or next to bed frames, where they have easy access to people at night.

Additionally, you can discover them in creases near your bed, on bedside tables, or in loose wallpaper.

What Do Bed Bugs On a Mattress Look Like?

What is a bed bugs?

One should have a keen eye while searching for bed bugs on mattresses since they could not show up in a single scan.

If there are red stains on your mattress that are moving, they are not those from an old mattress.

Bed bugs and spots on an old mattress might be mistaken for one another since bed bugs can live in an old mattress.

Bed bugs are more likely to be discovered beneath mattresses since they prefer to crawl inside of them.

They have golden dots and resemble red or brown flecks.

The brown or red specks would be bed bugs, while the golden spots would be the eggs.

How Can I Tell If There Are Bed Bugs On My Mattress?

Are you worried that you may have bed bugs? You might be correct.

To be sure, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Regions of your body that were itchy before you went to bed are now itchy
  • Your pillowcases or sheets have bloodstains.
  • Bed bug feces might be the cause of any dark patches on your mattress or pillows.
  • Place eggshells or shredded skin in potential hiding places.
  • A musty smell near your bed
  • Dead or alive bed bugs

You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a possible bed insect sighting and Googled “what do bed bugs look like on a mattress,” then trembled and closed the browser after viewing the images.

Bed bugs are so tiny that they often just appear as a black spot on a mattress, just in case you didn’t get a close look.

Take a closer look by grabbing a magnifying glass (your phone camera could work).

<h3>If I have bed bugs, do I have to throw my mattress away?

If you have bed bugs, you don’t have to throw away your mattress.

Even while it could seem like the most convenient choice, it isn’t usually the least expensive, unless you had already planned to get a comfortable new mattress.

Otherwise, you may try a few do-it-yourself methods to learn how to remove bed bugs out of a mattress, or you can hire professional insect exterminators for speedier and more effective results because bed bugs can be very challenging to get rid of on your own.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

Keep in mind that you may have to repeat the bed bug removal method if you decide to do it yourself.

Although bed bugs don’t transmit any illnesses, you should still be diligent since they grow so rapidly.

For huge infestations, this may be time-consuming and ineffective; in such cases, it would be essential to hire expert exterminators.

#1. Clean your bedding

Cleaning your mattress is the first thing you should do after washing everything else.

Wash all of the bedding, including your sheets, pillows, and pillowcases, that you believe your tiny pals may be hiding in.

To take these goods to your washing room or the laundromat, place them in a garbage bag while wearing rubber gloves.

Don’t transport your bedding from one room to another using your washing basket.

The bed bugs have a chance to return to your bedroom, or worse, other areas of your home, when you utilize your normal basket.

Use a garbage bag instead, and after you’re done, place it in a trash can outside.

The next best thing is to use hot water in the washer as you shouldn’t put pesticides on your clothing or bedding.

Use hot water on anything you can, even if it may not be ideal for certain things.

#2. Vacuum and Continue

Vacuuming your bedroom once your bedding has been washed and is no longer in the way.

As the bugs might hide in the bristles of the brush attachment, avoid using them.

Use the hose instead.

Make sure to vacuum the tiny cracks in your mattress as well as other areas of the room, especially the area around the bed.

Be thorough, and do it again.

Clean the container and dispose of the contents of the vacuum in an outside trash can to prevent pests from returning inside.

#3. Disassemble your bed frame.

If possible, disassemble your bed frame and thoroughly clean every surface of it to go deeper.

Since bed bugs can conceal themselves in even the tiniest spaces, eliminating them is worth the effort.

Get a closer look by using a flashlight and magnifying lens to peer within crevices.

To stop bed bugs from exploiting cracks in your wood bed frame as a hiding place, you might think about caulking them.

#4. Make Use of Mattress-Safe Insecticides

Make sure the space is well-ventilated before using an aerosol spray, and make sure you have read and comprehended the instructions on the bottle.

Additionally, make sure you have mattress-specific insecticide rather than an aerosol for general use.

Then you may spray the pesticide on the area that is infested as well as any nearby furnishings.

Spraying them with a pesticide is the best approach to rapidly get rid of live bed bugs.

The majority of these sprays instantly eliminate bed bugs.

There is no assurance the solution will continue to destroy any leftover bugs that come into contact with it after it has dried.

Similar to this, some pesticides include components that let bed bug eggs to develop yet quickly kill the pests.

Other components nearly never work to stop the egg from hatching or to kill the insect after it has.

Do your homework in advance to determine the best methods for eliminating bed bugs and their unhatched eggs.

Considering that the pesticide does include dangerous chemicals, you’ll also want to be cautious about using it excessively near your sleeping space.

Numerous insecticides advise leaving the room, locking the doors, and keeping the windows open for approximately 15 minutes before returning.

#5. Use a steam mattress.

Steaming must reach a temperature of 120 degrees or greater in order to successfully eradicate bed bugs.

It isn’t the ideal way to remove bed bugs from a mattress since most people don’t have steamers at home with this type of power, but it can work if you chance to have one.

#6. Put a cover over your mattress and box spring.

Consider investing in a specific mattress cover and box spring cover if you’ve determined that acquiring a new mattress is too pricey and DIY pest control is too risky.

Bed bugs can essentially never escape these very sophisticated coverings.

To verify that all of the bed bugs within are dead and have stopped multiplying, keep the cover on for a year before using this procedure.

This approach works best if the bed bugs are contained to your mattress; however, if they are present in your bed frame, nightstand, or any place else in the room, it will be ineffective.

Bed Bug Prevention Methods

If you’ve already gone through the pain of having bed bugs, you probably don’t want them returning.

Even though removing bed bugs from a mattress is challenging, it may also be challenging to prevent them from returning.

There are several precautionary measures you can take to keep them away:

  • Eliminate your clutter
  • Dust and clean any potential hiding locations often.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the afflicted regions.
  • Put a mattress protector to use.
  • Don’t carry used mattresses or furniture home.

There are instances when pests will still infest your house, no matter how clean it is.

If you do purchase them, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that your house is messy; sometimes, used furniture is just too nice to pass up.

Do a careful check before cleaning it outdoors if you can if you decide to bring any home.

Bed bugs aren’t very hazardous, but if you don’t deal with them straight away, they may be a pain and quite tough to eradicate.

While learning how to remove bed bugs out of a mattress on your own may increase your chances of doing so, it’s preferable to contact an exterminator for assistance if you need it.

As an alternative, you may want to think about getting rid of your old mattress and buying a new one.


How can a mattress be checked for bed bugs?

Be on the lookout for small eggs or eggshells (approximately 1 mm), crimson stains on bed linens, and, of course, real bed bugs in and around your mattress.

Is there a smell that will deter bed bugs?

The best essential oil to use to prevent bed bugs is lavender since it deters them and keeps them away.

Baking soda should be mixed with 20 to 30 drops of lavender oil before being applied evenly to the surface of the mattress and allowed to soak for a few hours.

Vacuum the baking soda with the upholstery brush.

Your mattress may be effectively deodorized by using baking soda.

How do I dispose of my old mattress?

Do not throw your mattress in the nearby trash if it has bed bugs.

Check with your local garbage disposal company for options on how to dispose of your mattress since doing so might result in fines in certain jurisdictions.

Don’t donate it or give it to a friend, either, of course.

Some firms that dispose of mattresses will come and pick up your mattress and get rid of it for you.

What can I do to keep bed bugs off my mattress?

As soon as you get a new mattress, cover it with a mattress protector.

This will completely enclose the mattress on all six sides and zips shut to keep bed bugs out.

Try to keep your bed and the area surrounding it as spotless as you can.

Frequent mattress cleaning and dusting are also recommended.

If I discover bed bugs on my mattress, what should I do?

If you see bed bugs, you can apply bed bug spray or hire an exterminator, but sometimes the issue has gotten out of hand and a new mattress has to be purchased.

Examine every surface thoroughly since other furnishings in your room can possibly be infected.


If bed bugs are not properly treated straight away, they may quickly grow into a major issue.

The best course of action is to throw away your present mattress and get professionals to eradicate any remaining bed insect traces.

Take the essential actions to eliminate the bugs right away rather than putting up with bed bug issues.

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