How To Keep Mattress From Sliding?

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A restful night’s sleep is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle.

But picture going to bed on your mattress after a long day at work, and it continues slipping.

You grow increasingly physically fatigued while also suffering from mental exhaustion.

Therefore, a solution is required since a sliding mattress would ruin your calm sleep time forever.

This post will go through several efficient and affordable solutions to the mattress sliding issue.

What Is The Cause Of The Mattress’s Shifting?

Determine the cause of your mattress slipping off the bed frame first.

Before proceeding to the next step, you must determine any potential contributing variables.

What Causes the Mattress to Slide Around?

#1. Worn Out Mattress

Your old mattress may sometimes lose its contour as a result of aging.

The once flat surface has become crinkled and sagging.

The mattress slides out of position due to the buildup of dirt, oil, and bodily fluids.

Your sleep may be disturbed as a result of the mattress not settling correctly on the bedframe.

#2. Bed Support

Your mattress will move from one spot to another if the bed support or frame you purchase is the wrong size.

Your bed frame’s uneven surface may be a factor in your mattress slipping.

If your bed creaks every time you sit on it, the issue may be large slats or the support under your mattress.

A sturdy structure reduces or eliminates mattress slippage.

#3. No-Rail Bed Support

For aesthetic reasons, several businesses don’t use rails in their bed frames.

A mattress without a rail might make it more likely for the mattress to slide.

They wander about, putting more gasoline on the fire.

#4. Mattress Size

Sliding is encouraged when your mattress is smaller than your bed support.

The mattress has a tendency to slip into the borders because of the excess space between the headboard and footboard, which might be problematic for you.

What Can I Do to Prevent My Mattress from Sliding?

You may secure your mattress to the frame using a variety of economical methods.

This merchandise is available in stores and even online.

These techniques are very simple to comprehend.

The greatest part about them is that you may do them on your own without hiring assistance.

#1. A Rubber Non-Slip Mat

The simplest but most efficient approach to stop sliding is to do it this manner.

A rubber non-slip mat is available from any retailer worldwide.

This mat must be positioned between the mattress and the frame.

By doing so, friction will be reduced and the mattress will remain in place.

You should measure your mattress before heading to the store to get this mat since these mats come in various sizes.

Even a piece of carpet or a yoga mat might be used in its place.

The main goal is to create friction between the surfaces by inserting a rough cloth, which slows the sliding motion.

#2. Viscose Tape

In order to assist you with a sliding mattress, these Velcro strips have added stickiness.

The mattress may be secured in place with the help of this hoop and loop fastening tape.

Simply make an investment in some high-quality, sturdy Velcro tape that can support the weight of your mattress.

#3. Vacuum

Sometimes dust and dirt are the sole culprits behind your mattress shifting.

If there is a lot of dust between the mattress and the bed frame, the surface becomes slicker and more conducive to sliding.

Vacuum the surfaces around the mattress, including the bed frame, using the upholstery brush.

Remember to turn the mattress over and clean underneath it.

Sometimes the issues might be solved by just sweeping the surface.

#4. Hole Plugs

Sliding results from the mattress and frame not being the same size.

The mattress moves because there is a big space between the headboard and the footboard.

To close up these openings at the edges, apply a gap filler.

These gap fillers are commonly found at retail establishments.

Instead of spending money on gap fillers, you may put towels or discarded clothing in the space between your mattress and headboard.

This second technique will stop the mattress from moving around.

#5. Retaining Bar Or Railing Addition

Getting a bespoke railing installed for your bed frames is another way to stop slipping.

There are marketable retainer bars that stop your mattress from shifting.

How Can I Prevent the Mattress on My Adjustable Bed from Sliding?

The majority of mattresses with adjustable frames sag to one side (also check 10 amazing mattresses for adjustable beds).

The mattress usually slides off an adjustable bed when you elevate it.

The greatest solution for preventing your mattress from slipping is a mattress gripper or rug pad.

This simple strategy works well and is welcoming.

The mat will generate friction between the mattress and the adjustable bed, reducing slippage.

A double-sided carpet tape may encourage unrestricted movement but is useless against an adjustable bed.

How To Stop the Mattress from Sliding on An Adjustable Bed?

How Can a Platform Bed Mattress Be Prevented from Sliding?

If you want to keep a platform bed from sliding, you must choose the right bed foundation.

Your mattress may roll around a lot if it is the incorrect size.

The usage of anti-slip cushions is a less expensive solution to this problem.

These pads aid in boosting surface friction, which reduces slippage.

Apart from that, Velcro tape works well to keep your mattress attached to your platform bed.

Make sure the mattress is not linked to one side by any bends or ripples.

This technique is quite resistant to slipping and is inexpensive.

How Can I Prevent My Mattress from Moving When It’s on a Metal Frame?

Metal bed frames may be purchased with or without a headboard and footboard.

You run a higher risk of the mattress moving if your metal frame is of lower quality.

This occurs when the mattress does not acquire enough stability to remain in position.

These metal bed frames are also covered in a form of gloss paint, which lessens the grip of your mattress.

Sandpaper may be used as a quick and easy way to enhance friction in a metal frame.

Sand the paint surface using 100-grit sandpaper to make it rougher.

This will prevent the mattress from slipping and maintain it in place.

You might place a rug or a non-slip pad between the mattress and the frame.

This works wonders at keeping the mattress where it belongs.

How Can You Maintain the Position of a Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam mattress weighs much more than a typical mattress.

The usual tricks may not be effective if you are having problems sliding your mattress.

It’s possible that a mat or Velcro tape won’t hold the mattress in place.

To fix the problem, you may need to spend money on a suitable bed frame.

A solid foundation will provide stability and stop your memory foam mattress from shifting about (check the top-rated bed frame for memory foam mattresses).

Make sure all the bolts and nuts are secure and located where they belong.

Your foam mattress may slide about as a result of even a little loose nut, ruining your peaceful night’s sleep.

How Can a Space Between a Mattress and a Bed Frame Be Closed?

To close the gaps between the mattress and the bed frame, use gap fillers.

They are readily accessible on the market and typically come in two varieties.

Custom pillow stops are available to fill any gaps in your bed.

These thin, padded boards will add beauty to your space and close the spaces between the mattress and headboard.

Wooden planks are yet another simple method to close the gap and stop slipping.

They are available from any neighborhood hardware shop in your region.

You may purchase them in the same size or have them trimmed to fit the opening in your bed.

You may paint the board to match your bed frame if you’re keen about style.

You may always fill up these spaces with worn-out towel or clothing scraps if you are strapped for cash.

This is an effective method for getting rid of the annoyance of mattress slippage.

What Is a Retainer Bar for a Mattress?

A mattress retention bar is used to stop a mattress from slipping.

When the base is elevated, they are often utilized with adjustable bed frames.

The mattress then has a tendency to fall off.

When you raise the height of your mattress, a retainer bar is utilized to hold the mattress in place.

Every shop has these metal rods.

Even better, you may create the retainer bar yourself using the dimensions of your bed and bed frames.

This will provide you a bar to use while sleeping in whichever position or fashion you find most comfortable, eliminating any possibility of sliding off your mattress.

How Can a Split King Mattress Be Prevented from Separating?

There are three very simple methods to safeguard your split king if you feel uneasy about it.

#1. Equipped Frame

To keep your split king mattress from splitting, utilize a fitted frame.

No gaps exist between the frame and the mattress thanks to a tight structure.

As a result, there is no concern that the mattress may slide.

#2. Anti-slip Mat

This is another method that works well to stop the mattress from slipping.

To prevent the split mattress from separating from one another, the mattress pad is excellent at increasing friction between the frame and the mattress.

#3. Put A Split King Connection To Use

Iron plate connectors are often included with split mattresses.

The split mattresses may be connected together by simply adjusting a connection.

The mattress is joined together to stop it from slipping away from its foundation.


You may find it difficult to sleep peacefully if your mattress slides about.

Having the proper foundation for your mattress is essential since it may stop the sliding phenomenon.

It’s essential to choose a mattress solution that won’t slide in order to have a comfortable sleeping experience.

To decrease the impact of the mattress slipping, you may spend money on gap fillers, mats, or Velcro tape.

All of these techniques are economical and aid in keeping the mattress in place.

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