How To Make Mattress Firmer?

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Do you have trouble with a too-soft mattress?

Perhaps the reason you’re having trouble sleeping well is because your bed isn’t performing as it should.

You may wake up in the middle of the night because you can’t find a comfortable sleeping position on a mattress that is damaged or sagging.

How then may a drooping mattress be made firmer?

Do not worry; there are methods to firm up your mattress!

We’ll provide some advice on how to make a mattress firmer and more comfy in this manual.

Read on for some insightful guidance.

12 Simple Strategies to Firm Up Your Mattress

If purchasing a new mattress is not in your immediate plans, you will need to know how to make a mattress firmer and more comfortable.

Mattresses may droop or lose their firmness over time.

So let’s figure out how to make your bed supportive of your body.

Until you purchase a new mattress, the following methods may help you sleep better at night.

#1. Your Mattress Over

One of the simplest methods to firm up your mattress is to flip it over.

Make sure the opposite side of your mattress is facing up once every few months.

Flipping certain mattresses over may be helpful since some can be used on both sides.

By flipping your mattress, you may assist your mattress to maintain its firmness by distributing wear and strain.

By doing this, you can maintain it spread evenly and stop the mattress from drooping on one side.

Depending on how often your bed is used, do this about once every six months.

You now know how to mend a mattress that is sagging.

#2. Utilize A Mattress Pad

Learn how to make a soft mattress firmer by adding a firm mattress topper if your soft mattress is keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep.

You may purchase a variety of mattress toppers, including those made of memory foam or hard foam.

You may locate a bed that is consistently firm thanks to the variable hardness of a memory foam mattress topper.

A latex or polyurethane topping might also be used.

The polyester or other materials that are often used to fill pads make them thinner and may not provide you with the desired hardness.

Use plywood beneath the mattress topper instead of a cushion to get the appropriate rigidity.

#3. Examine And Replace Any Worn-out Or Damaged Layers

Some mattresses have many layers that are kept together by a mattress cover.

The benefit of having this kind of mattress is that you may repair any layers that are already worn out or damaged rather than purchasing a new mattress.

Simply unzip the mattress and remove the damaged layer, which should then be replaced.

#4. Check And Replace Any Foundation Or Box Springs

Wear and strain may cause the box spring coils in your mattress to lose their spring.

It’s possible that the box spring needs to be changed if you notice that your mattress has lost its firmness.

Since you are receiving a new box spring, this will increase the firmness and height of your bed.

#5. Include A Plywood Support

Before you install the plywood, speak with your mattress makers to see if they have any suggestions for dealing with your soft mattress.

Choose plywood that matches your mattress if they give you the okay.

Before you place the plywood in your bed, make sure it is not treated and that the edges and sides have been sanded.

#6. Place The Mattress On The Ground

Placing your mattress on the ground is another way to make it firmer.

This can be your final option, especially if the previous methods didn’t work.

Before you put your mattress on the floor, you should be aware that you’ll be exposed to dust, grime, and any pests that could find their way into your bed.

Placing yourself on the floor will allow you to get a decent night’s sleep if you believe it will assist your mattress retain its firmness and the rest doesn’t annoy you.

#7. Temperature Adjustment

The temperature in your room could have an impact on the sort of mattress you have.

For instance, a mattress made entirely of memory foam tends to sag when the room is heated.

Mattress firmness may be increased by adjusting the thermostat.

You now understand how to increase the firmness of a memory foam mattress by just changing the temperature.

#8. Air Out The Mattress

A bed may get softer over time as a result of moisture absorption.

Although this is a normal occurrence, it may be slowed down by routinely leaving the mattress outside to air out in the sun.

In addition to firming up the mattress, sun drying it also destroys any bacteria, viruses, mildew, and other pests that may be present.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic technique to both clean and firm up your mattress at the same time!

#9. Keep The Bed Flat

Check the smoothness of your fitted sheets if you desire a firmer mattress.

Pressure is applied to the mattress by a tight fit, which might make it more difficult to feel.

This is so that the mattress may expand and contract more easily when the sheets are tightly pressed against it.

#10. Replace Your Bed Frame

It’s wise to spend money on a new bed frame if the slats on your current one have deteriorated, moved, or been damaged.

Your mattress will stay in place and remain firm as a result.

New bed frames and slats will provide extra support.

You should think about bed frames with solid slats since they provide a stronger sensation and are more supporting.

In order to prevent the mattress from sagging, they don’t have any holes between the slats.

#11. Trial Phase

For you to try out your new mattress before committing, several online mattress companies offer trial periods.

In this manner, you may always return the mattress and receive a new one if you discover that it is too hard or too soft.

#12. Purchase a New Mattress

Particularly for back and stomach sleepers, the hardness of your bed is crucial for the health of your spine as well as to avoid body pains and stiffness.

It’s challenging to get a decent night’s sleep on a bed that hasn’t been used in a while.

Not only is it difficult to have a restful night’s sleep on such an old mattress.

If you notice that your current mattress is no longer firm, you should get a new one.

A new mattress can help you get a better night’s sleep and will also ease any body aches and stiffness you may be feeling.

Why You Might Need A Firm Bed?

The demand for a firmer mattress might arise for a variety of reasons.

It’s possible that your bed merely came a bit softer than anticipated.

Additionally, when you break in certain mattresses, they tend to grow softer over time.

Your doctor could have advised you to sleep on a firmer surface if you have a back injury or some back discomfort.

Or maybe your spouse moved in and needs a mattress that is firmer.

Whatever it may be, we can assist.

Before discussing several ways to make your mattress harder, let’s first discuss some of the benefits of having a firmer rather than a softer bed.

Importance Of Mattress Thickness And Firmness

The hardness of your mattress is just as crucial to having a good night’s sleep as its thickness.

A mattress that is excessively soft might cause your body to sink and your spine to bend, which can cause pain and poor sleep.

On the other hand, a mattress that is excessively firm might make you feel tight and uncomfortable in your joints, neck, and back.

Finding a mattress firmness that is just right—not too soft or firm—is thus crucial.

The thickness of the mattress is another aspect to take into account while attempting to firm up your mattress.

More support will be given by a thicker mattress, which will also be less prone to slump.

It is important to remember, too, that not everyone enjoys a thick mattress.

While some customers think the mattresses are too soft, others think they are too hard.

As a result, it’s crucial to take your tastes into account while selecting a mattress thickness.

However, sinkage is not always directly correlated with thickness.

More transition layers and a strong support layer may be included in a thicker mattress, which will aid prevent sinking into the mattress.

Furthermore, because there are more elements to support your weight in a thicker mattress than in a thinner one, it will probably last longer.

Mattress Firmness For Various Sleeper Types

The answer to the question of what mattress firmness is best for you may depend on the kind of sleeper you are.

#1. Side Sleeper

For side sleepers, their hips and shoulders bear the bulk of the weight.

As a result, side sleepers need a soft mattress to properly shape the body and relieve pressure.

For side sleepers, a mattress with a firmness level of 3-6 is appropriate.

#2. Back Sleeper

In order to prevent their hips and shoulders from sinking lower than the rest of their bodies, back sleepers need a somewhat firmer mattress.

For them, a mattress with a firmness rating of 6 should be ideal.

#3. Stomach Sleeper

A firmer mattress is often needed by stomach sleepers to support their bodies while they are asleep.

Their spine may arch when they sleep on a soft mattress, which might result in lower back discomfort.

For them, a firm mattress between 6 and 8 is ideal.

#4. Combination Sleeper

Combination sleepers often move positions while they are asleep.

In order to alleviate pressure, the mattress should provide sufficient back support and body contouring.

You may choose a mattress with a firmness level between 3 and 8 depending on the position you sleep in most often.

Advantages of Firm Mattresses

You should be aware of the advantages it offers to your health now that you understand how to firm a soft mattress.

  • Your spinal cord tends to straighten when you sleep on a firm mattress, which improves your posture. Your joints and spinal cord will benefit from the support a firmer mattress provides, enabling you to consistently get deeper sleep.
  • The best mattress for various sleeping positions is one that is firm. It is ideal to get a medium-firm mattress if you are a combination sleeper so that it can support you as you sleep.
  • A firm mattress offers the support necessary to prevent the sleeper from tossing and turning, resulting in an undisturbed night of slumber.
  • As the mattress isn’t sagging or bulging from anyplace, maintaining it becomes simple. Additionally, a firmer mattress has far lower maintenance costs.


You may save a lot of money by learning how to make a soft bed firmer.

Our advice should enable you to replace your soft and sagging mattress with one that is firm and comfy.

Additionally, you know what firmness level to seek for if you need to purchase a new mattress.

Questions and Answers

Do firm mattress toppers work?

Yes, firm mattress toppers may help your sinking mattress become more supportive.

Do all people need firm mattresses?

No, not all of them.

While there are several variables that affect your preferred firmness level, most people choose medium-firm mattresses.

Can a mattress that is excessively soft cause back pain?

Yes! Levels 1 and 2 mattresses, which are overly soft, don’t provide the body enough support and might lead to back problems.

Should a hard or soft mattress be used for side sleepers?

For pressure reduction and proper body contouring, side sleepers want a soft mattress.

For side sleepers, a mattress with a firmness level of 3-6 is appropriate.

Do mattress pads and mattress toppers provide the same functions?

If you want to firm up your mattress, a mattress topper is preferable since a mattress pad could be too thin.

Which mattress is more comfortable a firm one or a soft one?

The hardness of a mattress is a personal choice for each person.

The majority of people choose medium-firm mattresses, although each firmness level has advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, this question cannot be answered with certainty.

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