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Many modern RV models already have a battery disconnect switch built in, but RV owners sometimes ask that one be added to models that don’t already have one.

The RV battery disconnect switch can really do a number of tasks that will help you save energy, maintain the condition of your battery, and make the most of your time traveling.

What is an RV Battery Disconnect Switch?

Using a battery disconnect switch saves you from having to physically disconnect your RV battery bank while providing a quick method to temporarily shut off electricity to a circuit.

An RV’s battery may be rapidly and easily disconnected from the RV’s main circuits using a battery disconnect switch.

We’ll cover these reasons and more in a minute.

There are a number of reasons why someone may wish to do this.

But first, let’s examine the precise operation of an RV battery disconnect switch.

What Is An RV Battery Disconnect Switch

What Does A Disconnect Switch Do?

An RV battery disconnect switch, as its name suggests, gives you a quick method to separate your batteries from the main RV circuit.

This switch is often found within the battery compartment next to your battery, although it could also be in a neighboring maintenance bay.

Why Do You Need RV Battery Disconnect Switch?

The RV battery disconnect switch is primarily a useful safety measure that enables you to immediately shut off electricity.

While doing maintenance, it may safeguard you from electric shock and let you carry out troubleshooting without interfering with your job.

The disconnect switch does, however, have another use.

All batteries progressively drain even when they are not attached to a circuit, in case you didn’t realize that.

(It’s important to note, however, that contemporary sealed battery solutions, such as those made by MK Battery, have a significantly slower discharge rate that, in certain instances, is almost inconsequential.) Because your appliances continue to use a very small amount of power even when they are switched off in anticipation of a restart when they are linked to a circuit, they deplete much more quickly.

When you least expect it, this passive power loss might cause your battery to die.

This often occurs when an RV is not removed from the battery before being stored for the winter, according to many individuals.

Inside the RV, appliances like the refrigerator, heater, and even TVs gradually use power until the battery dies.

Sadly, they may also harm the battery by overdischarging it before you have a chance to recharge it.

It can take a week or so for this procedure to finish.

You may prevent your battery from being harmed by the passive draw of the system by installing a battery disconnect switch and utilizing it each time you expect to be away from your RV for more than a few days.

This will lessen any issues that may arise when you get your RV ready for a trip at the start of a new season.

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Disconnect Switches are Appropriate for Seldom-Used Batteries

When storing your batteries, you may save energy and keep them safe by disconnecting them using a disconnect switch.

What battery disconnect switch is ideal for your RV, though?

Battery disconnect switches come in a variety of styles, and not all switches are made equal.

Let’s examine the factors to take into account when purchasing an RV battery disconnect switch as well as which ones are suitable for your RV.

A Disconnect Switch Is Best For Infrequently Used Batteries

7 Best RV Battery Disconnect Switches of 2023

Now that you are aware of the factors to take into account, let’s examine the top five disconnect switches currently on the market.

#1. Ampper Remote Battery Switches

Ampper Remote Battery Switches
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The Ampper Battery Switch is the greatest switch overall.

The popularity and reputation of these battery disconnect switches are excellent.

There is a high current variant and a version for numerous battery banks.

These switches include a rotary switch, a casing made of heavy-duty plastic, and mounting bolts are included.

  • 275A steady, 455A intermittently, and 1250A suddenly. 600A continuous/2500A momentary for the high current variant.
  • Remote rotary switch design
  • Installation: Remote battery wiring

#2. Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch

Top Post Knife Blade Master Switch
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This blade-style on/off switch, which just rests on top of the negative post, is suitable for use with a single battery.

This switch delivers 200A continuous and 600A momentary at 12V DC and is suitable for a 12V-24V DC system.

This blade switch, which is made of solid brass that resists rust and corrosion, requires space for the blade to be raised, as shown in the picture.

#3. Blue Sea Systems Battery Switch

Blue Sea Systems Battery Switch
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Switches to disconnect batteries are often affordable.

Even though they may seem different, they both function in the same way, cutting the battery bank’s supply of power to the RV.

The alternatives listed below have received several positive evaluations.

All are simple to install, but depending on how the switch mount is made, one kind may be more effective than another for your specific purpose.

#4. Ampper Top Post & Side Post Switches

Ampper Top Post & Side Post Switches
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The Ampper Top Post Battery Disconnect Switch is the switch for you if you just want a straightforward switch that attaches directly onto your battery.

It is really simple to install and use this knob-style switch.

It is simple to install even in tiny places because to its low profile.

Ampper also manufactures a side post battery disconnect switch for use with RV batteries that have posts on the side rather than the top.

The only difference between the switches is the installation location.

#5. Zoostliss Keyed Battery Disconnect Switch

Zoostliss Keyed Battery Disconnect Switch
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This Zoostliss Keyed Switch is the disconnect switch for you if you desire more security.

This switch can only be flipped with the provided key, protecting you against switch tampering.

This is excellent for protecting the switch from those with bad intentions or while traveling in an RV with young children.

  • 200A continuous/500A momentary amp rating
  • Remote keyed switch design
  • Installation: Remote battery wiring

#6. Fastronix 300A Severe Duty Master Battery Disconnect Switch

Fastronix 300A Severe Duty Master Battery Disconnect Switch
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The Fastronix 300A Severe Duty Switch is an excellent option if you want something extremely robust.

A tremendous 300A continuous and 2000A intermittent amperage may be handled by this switch.

You can be confident that this switch will be enough if you have a battery configuration with a lot of power.

This switch is IP67 certified for even greater toughness and can resist temperatures of up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit!

  • 300 continuous/2000 instantaneous amps
  • Remote rotary switch design
  • Installation: Remote battery wiring

#7. KTNNKG Remote Battery Disconnect Switch with Remote Control

KTNNKG Remote Battery Disconnect Switch with Remote Control
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For those that want a switch that is genuinely remote, the KTNNKG Remote Battery Disconnect Switch is a fantastic switcher.

This gadget connects and disconnects the RV battery using a tiny keychain remote control.

The remote‘s receiver, which is built within the car, receives signals from the remote and relays them to the switch that disconnects the battery.

Additionally, if additional remotes are needed, you may pair them.

In case your remote control malfunctions, the system also has a manual switch you may use.

  • 180A continuous/1000A burst amp rating
  • Remote switch and remote control design
  • Installation: Remote battery wiring

When Buying A Disconnect Switch, What To Consider

Have you thoroughly researched RV battery disconnect switches and made the decision that your RV needs (or wants) one?

The following three factors should be taken into account when purchasing a battery disconnect switch:

#1. AMP Rating

There is a maximum amperage that each disconnect switch can tolerate before being damaged, which is known as the amp rating.

The majority of switches will provide many grades.

They will almost always have a rating for continuous use, as well as often for intermittent use (also known as “surge”) and/or “momentary” or “cranking” amps.

The switch’s ability to handle intermittent and transient amperages for brief periods of time, respectively, is described in the final two sentences.

It’s crucial that the switch’s amp rating is higher than the amperage of your batteries.

If not, utilizing a disconnect switch might put your RV batteries in danger of being harmed.

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#2. Design

RV battery disconnect switches come in a wide range of styles.

The majority are:

Knife-blade switches: Some of the simplest disconnect switches are knives-blade switches.

These screw into the RV battery directly, and to connect or unhook the battery, a thin metal lever (the “knife”) is slid into or out of a metal post.

Knife blade switches are similar to knob-style switches in that they are attached directly to the battery posts.

It just takes a few turns of a simple plastic knob to connect and detach the battery.

Remote disconnect switches are located some distance away from the batteries, like within your RV or in the battery box.

Most switches have a plastic rotating knob, but some may also be controlled by a tiny remote.

Remote switches that need a key to connect or detach the batteries are known as “keyed switches.”

#3. Installation

You should also think about how you will attach the battery disconnector to the battery bank of your RV.

RV Battery Disconnect Switch Install – S’mores Camping Adventures

Where is Switch to Disconnect Battery in Your RV?

RV battery disconnect switches are often placed adjacent to or in a bay near your batteries.

It’s crucial to put the switch in a location that’s simple for you to reach if you’re doing the installation yourself.

On occasion, the main area of the RV may also include it.

It’s crucial that nothing else connects to your RV’s wire before the switch, no matter where it is.

As a result, when your RV disconnect switch is activated, all of the electricity in your RV will be turned off.

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Where Can I Find My Rv’s Battery Switch?


There are several different types of RV battery disconnect switches, including those that use metal levers, rotary knobs, or even remote controls.

Some switches may be installed directly on your RV batteries, while others can be installed in another suitable spot.

There you have it, then! Whichever switch you choose from our selection, it will be the greatest battery disconnect switch for your requirements.

Have you placed a battery disconnect switch on your apparatus?

Or do you feel like adding one now that you’ve read this?

Please tell us in the comments.

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