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An estimated 9 million American families have an RV that they utilize for leisure or as their main dwelling.

The conveniences of home while traveling are often included in recreational vehicles, including a kitchenette, table, bathroom, and sleeping space.

Many RV owners decide to update their sleeping arrangements with a new RV mattress since the standard hard, thin mattress that comes in the bed space might be unpleasant.

Due to the manufacturers’ use of space-saving designs, RV mattresses are smaller than typical mattresses.

When shopping for a new mattress, it is crucial to understand the various RV and camper mattress sizes.

In this chart of RV mattress sizes, we’ll contrast the various sizes so you can sleep better while on the road.

Explained: RV Mattress Sizes

RV Mattress SizeDimensions (Width x Length)Description
RV Bunk28” x 75”30” x 75”30” x 80”34” x 75”35” x 79”In order to accommodate more sleepers, bunk beds are a common feature in family-friendly RVs. RV bunk beds have mattresses that are about the same size as a regular twin bed for one person. For a custom fit, the actual dimensions of a given RV bunk mattress will vary based on the RV’s design.
RV Full53” x 75”54” x 75”55” x 75A typical double bed is 1″ wider than a full mattress. On fold-out couches, full or double mattresses are often utilized.
Three-Quarter48” x 75”48” x 80”Mattresses of the three-quarter size are somewhat smaller than those in the full size. Two children or one adult may sleep comfortably on a mattress that is three-quarters the size.
RV Short Queen60” x 74”60” x 75”A regular queen mattress that can accommodate two adults sleeping comfortably is about 5 inches longer than the RV short queen.
RV Queen60” x 80”The size of an RV queen corresponds to that of a typical queen mattress. When replacing the queen mattress in their RV, buyers will have the most options.
RV Short King72″ X 75″The RV short king mattress, as its name suggests, is 5″ shorter than a regular king mattress so travelers can sleep comfortably.
RV King72” x 80”In campers, RVs, and motorhomes, king-sized beds are typical. For cramped spaces, the RV king mattress is four inches narrower than the standard King mattress.
Eastern King76” x 80”Sleepers can easily upgrade their motorhome’s mattresses and bedding because the Eastern king size is the same as a regular king-size bed.
RV California King72” x 84”Compared to the Eastern king, the RV California king offers you more length but less width. A couple and a child, or four kids, can sleep comfortably on a California king mattress.

Manufacturers may use different mattress sizes.

Standard (or domestic) mattress sizes are different from RV mattress sizes.

To fit a variety of places in a recreational vehicle, RV mattresses are sometimes shorter or thinner than typical mattress sizes.

No one height or thickness fits all mattress sizes.

The most popular RV mattresses available for purchase are rectangular in form and may accommodate one or more people.

Most manufacturers provide mattresses in eight distinct sizes.

It is simple to divide the mattress sizes into two groups: beds suitable for single sleepers and beds for several persons (couples, parents with children, pets, and more).

To accommodate single sleepers utilizing full, three-quarter, or custom RV bunk mattress sizes, custom bunk beds, pull-out, or pop-up areas are often employed in RV designs.

Depending on how the RV is built, these compartments will come in a variety of sizes.

The interiors of RVs, motorhomes, and campers must be designed by camper and RV builders, therefore even an inch variation counts for an RV mattress.

As a consequence, there are a few unusual and challenging mattress sizes, such as the RV bunk mattress and RV three-quarter mattress, while bespoke mattresses are always a possibility.

All of the mattress sizes—short queen, queen, Eastern king, RV king, or California king—are big enough to accommodate many people.

Due to their small interior dimensions, many RVs and motorhomes must use special mattresses, such as the RV short queen, RV short king, or RV king.

Customers will have the most selection when replacing the queen or eastern king-size mattresses in their RVs.

rv mattress sizes
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Questions and Answers Regarding RV Mattresses

How can I determine which mattress size is best for my RV?

Measure the measurements of the building the mattress sits on or will be in order to determine the proper mattress size for your RV.

To find the equivalent name on the RV mattress size chart above, use this measurement.

Before buying a new mattress for your RV, be careful to confirm the dimensions with the seller.

A few inches separate “short king” and “RV king,” for instance.

Can a regular mattress be used in an RV?

It depends on how big your RV’s sleeping space is.

You may utilize a conventional mattress in your RV if the sleeping space is the size of a queen or king mattress.

Be cautious to double-check dimensions before making a purchase since mattress sizes might differ across manufacturers.

Which mattress type is best for my RV?

Any kind of mattress might theoretically be used in an RV, although some are considerably more suitable than others.

Innerspring, foam, and hybrid mattresses are the most prevalent kinds of RV mattresses.

Due to the weight and space restrictions of an RV, a foam mattress is often the best option.

Where can I buy a mattress for an RV?

It’s crucial to get good rest when traveling.

RV mattresses come in a variety of pricing ranges, from entry-level selections to high-end ones.

Having a predetermined spending limit will enable customers to make more informed decisions.

RV owners may also experiment with mattress toppers to alter the feel of their current beds.

What distinguishes an RV mattress from a typical mattress?

RV mattresses are thinner and more streamlined to fit a variety of recreational purposes, which is the fundamental difference between their sizes and conventional ones.

Mattress for an RV vs a typical queen mattress?

RV queen mattresses are 60 by 75 inches in size as opposed to a queen mattress’s 60 by 80 inches.

What distinguishes a King from an RV King?

The king mattress for an RV is 5 inches smaller than a typical king mattress.

How thick of a mattress should an RV have?

Mattresses for RVs must be between 5 and 6 inches thick.

How do I choose a mattress for an RV?

Consider your sleeping position, the number of people who will be sleeping on it, the size of your RV, and other factors when selecting an RV mattress.

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