What Size Battery for Travel Trailer?

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Travel trailers are not self-propelled.

They follow you “trailing” a truck.

Therefore, they are battery-free.


They include crucial electrical parts that keep you and other drivers safe.

electronic wheel brakes, specifically.

If you wish to follow the law, they must be in working order.

For this reason, a travel trailer battery is required to power them.

Don’t neglect other necessities, however, including your water pump, appliances, and lighting.

Without the essentials, camping is less pleasant.

Consequently, you should have a travel trailer battery with you.

However, you may be asking yourself, “What sort of travel trailer batteries do I need?” What voltage and how many? In this short article on choosing a travel trailer battery, we address these concerns as well as others.

What Kind of Battery Do I Need for a Travel Trailer?

You need a deep-cycle battery to power the electrical components in your travel trailer.

It is the same kind of battery that you would use in an RV as a house battery.

Long-lasting continuous power is provided by deep-cycle batteries.

This is distinct from a starting battery in a car, which offers a significant energy surge for a short while.

Types of Batteries for Travel Trailers

You just purchased a brand-new, sparkling travel trailer.

Or maybe you’re prepared to change the battery in your dependable old trailer.

You may have observed that there are several deep cycle battery kinds available for usage.

It shouldn’t be difficult to choose a travel trailer battery, but it’s simple to become mired down in the specifics.

Here are the essentials.

The four primary categories of travel trailer batteries are as follows:

  1. Acidic lead
  2. AGM
  3. Gel
  4. Lithium

Lead acid is the least expensive choice out of these four.

However, it also has the shortest lifetime.

In order to guard against sulfation and leakage damage, these batteries need maintenance.

They cannot be emptied beyond 50% capacity and are as hefty and bulky as a pile of bricks.

AGM travel trailer batteries may be depleted up to 80% and need less maintenance than lead acid batteries.

However, they have a serious drawbackβ€”they often overpay.

Gel batteries are an improvement over lead acid batteries since they are sealed to stop leakage.

They charge relatively slowly yet perform effectively in high temperatures.

There’s not much room in your vacation trailer.

The smallest and lightest kind of travel trailer battery is lithium.

But it does not imply that they are any less effective.

They have greater stability, effectiveness, and safety thanks to the lithium iron phosphate chemistry.

This battery type lasts the longest and charges the quickest.

What Voltage and How Many Batteries?

It’s time to decide precisely how your battery bank will appear after you’ve decided which travel trailer battery you’ll employ.

The required voltage is 12V, but the required amp hours depend on how many components and how long you need to power them.

There are typically two options for travel trailers.

  1. 2 to 6-volt batteries
  2. 1 or 2 12-volt batteries

These batteries‘ amp hours (Ah) range from 50 to 400.

You’ll probably need 12V 100Ah or 12V 125Ah batteries for pull-behind campers.

In order to get 12 volts, you may connect a sequence of 6-volt batteries together.

You may connect 12-volt batteries in parallel to increase the amperage.

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Accessories for Travel Trailer Batteries

A battery bank for a travel trailer is an investment.

So let’s discuss safeguarding that investment! There will always be some bumps when towing your pop-up or trailer, sometimes jolting everything around.

Therefore, you must ensure that your batteries are somehow “bound”!

A travel trailer tray might be useful in this situation.

Battery trays or boxes for travel trailers are made to resist, well, traveling! To prevent your batteries from rolling about and harming both them and other items in your trailer, you may bolt them down.

A charger is yet another useful battery accessory.

Your battery will charge as quickly as possible if you use a charger designed for your particular battery type.

Additionally, it guarantees that you get a full charge and guards against harm.

What could be superior than a reliable battery charger? intelligent battery charger.

The best method to maximize the performance of lithium travel trailer batteries is to use a smart lithium charger.

Your batteries are safeguarded from both undercharging and overcharging by smart chargers.

Once the battery is completely charged, they cease charging, allowing you to “set it and forget it.”

Do you have many travel trailer batteries? Do you often feel rushed? By charging up to four batteries at once, a bank charger helps you save time.

FAQ for Travel Trailer Batteries

Does my Travel Trailer need a Deep Cycle Battery?


For your travel trailer, which can only be powered by deep-cycle batteries, you must have one.

How long does a Travel Trailer’s Battery last?

For the ordinary battery bank with the customary quantity of energy usage, it typically lasts two to three days.

However, you may survive for up to a week or more if you have a bigger battery bank or are extremely frugal with your energy use.

My RV Battery will my Truck Charge it?

Trucks often do charge the travel trailer batteries while on the road.

However, the charge they provide is insufficient to recharge a dead battery.

(At the beginning, the vehicle offers a high charge rate.

However, once the truck‘s battery achieves its ideal charge, the charging rate decreases.)

This implies that it won’t fully charge your travel trailer batteries; it will only do so in part.

You may purchase a charger to address that issue.

How many batteries for my Travel Trailers?

It relies on a variety of factors.

such as what you precisely need to power, for instance.

How much energy you’ll use, the length of your journeys, etc.

For your DC system, you’ll likely need five or so batteries.

Depending on your particular demands, there can be a little bit more or less.

Additionally, a more compact system is required to power your car or start the engine.

How long will a furnace operate on my RV Battery?

You should be able to operate it for far over 12 hours as long as you aren’t using any more energy.

The condition of your batteries, whether they are lithium or not (lithium batteries last significantly longer), and other factors may all have a role.

What is the best Battery for a Travel Trailer?

These days, several companies provide effective batteries at lesser prices.

However, how long they endure varies according on your maintenance and care regimen.

Regardless, making the proper decision when selecting a battery provides you an advantage and points you in the right way.

AGM batteries are ideal for campers who like simple, low-maintenance solutions, as was already noted.

Although they cost more than flooded batteries, their advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

One of the newest and best batteries on the market is the Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah.

It lasts far longer than comparable brands and maintains a charge both during storage and use.

For instance, it barely discharges 3% after a month of storage!

AGM batteries are renowned for their incredible storage capacity and resistance to sulfation, hydrogen gas explosions, and corrosion.

They are now the safest lead-acid batteries available because of these factors.

Although the Universal Power Group 12V is somewhat more costly and heavier than the competition, its safety features and maintenance-free requirements make up for these drawbacks.

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How Can I Prevent Theft of My Travel Trailer Batteries?

Someone’s travel trailer batteries are stolen every year.

Even though it’s unfortunate, batteries are important since they are pricey and simple to get, particularly if they are positioned outside of your camper trailer.

The battery box was created as a result to keep your batteries safe from theft.

Your travel trailer’s tongue may be mounted with a battery box, which keeps your batteries locked away and safe.

Better battery boxes are constructed from lightweight, brilliant diamond-plate aluminum with pre-drilled mounting holes and knockouts for various trailer designs.

They look amazing and provide superb protection for your batteries.


As your battery works hard to keep your trailer charged and functional, be sure to treat it with the respect and care it deserves.

Contrary to popular perception, if you follow the right instructions, you do not need to change your batteries every year.

You may significantly extend the life of your battery by making wise battery selections and carrying out regular maintenance.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping your batteries in good condition? Please comment below with your thoughts.

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